Why am I building Roam The Lineup?

Tiago Sanchez

Tiago Sanchez

I started Roam The Lineup, or the concept for this venture, purely out of passion. Passion about surf, travel, building something, and learning as much as possible on that process. It is important to mention that I am building Roam The Lineup as a side project, hacking my way through solving a problem that I often had when planning my surf trips.

So, what am I trying to solve with Roam The Lineup? Why am I even building this? At first, looking at the distance, it could be challenging for anyone to understand what I am trying to solve, so much so that one might be inclined to think that Roam The Lineup is a hybrid between a surf directory with the pretension to be Airbnb but with affiliate links from booking.com. In short, a fair comparison, but somewhat diminishing considering what I am trying to build.

The ambition is to create a place where surfers can plan for their next surf trip depending on the waves they want to surf, the expected conditions, and seasonality. Roam The Lineup is more than a surf forecast web app, it was also built with the surf community in mind so that they can advertise the places where surfers can stay, where surfers would rent boards or hire a surf coach - Local knowledge for a global market by promoting the community that I love so much.

See you on the lineup somewhere! Have a nice surf trip!

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