The Salty Pelican Retreats Ericeira


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The Salty Pelican Retreats Ericeira

Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea breeze moving through the trees. Meditating in the morning with a sea view, practising yoga and hearing nothing but the sounds of the sea, sunset awareness hikes with a meditation on a beautiful secluded national park beach.

It’s just such a great combination in so many ways. Relaxing and feeling balanced is a big part of The Salty Pelican retreat for those who are interested. Hatha Flow yoga is the perfect way to prepare your body for the day ahead. Whether it’s through strength, flexibility, or simply just breathing better. Learning how to breathe properly is really important and your body will feel more in tune and balanced.

While afternoon Yin yoga will bring beautiful balance within your energy systems and a unique sense of calmness you will feel both physically and mentally. Enjoy the special treat and relish the beauty of the magnificent coastline cliffs, as we lead you on a nature hike with awareness and meditation exercises, followed by a sunset picnic on one of the most magical beaches in Portugal.

Exploring Portugal's beautiful nature, relax & sleep in a laid back beach retreat, eat well to restore, revive, and feel amazing. The friendly, highly experienced team will help you develop your own yoga practice, take you to the most magical beaches, and create the perfect experience. It will be the perfect week of learning how to practice yoga, surf, sun... good people... good times and good vibes!


You’ve probably heard all about Cascais and Lisbon as a digital yogi & surfing nomad destination, but what about its sexy sister, Ericeira? Just 35 minutes northwest of Lisbon International Airport is Ericeira, a charming fishing town and surfing paradise in Portugal. It’s such a perfect surf spot that it’s actually the first World Surfing Reserve in Europe!

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Praia do Norte

Ribeira Dilhas


Praia Azul

Foz do Lizandro



Sao Juliao

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Pedra Branca


Sao Lourenco

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